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Project Developer
Energy-Carbon-Environmental Management

Specialists in the deployment of technology for the utilisation of unconventional resources to generate clean energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Engineers who assist Clients in understanding, managing and exploiting their renewable and unconventional resources to maximum commercial and environmental benefit. We provide technical due diligence services to investors in clean energy, infrastructure and carbon projects worldwide.


Our Project Team is able to provide consultancy services for Project Technical Due Diligence, Technical Risk Assessment, Engineering Design Services, Project Management, Safety Management and Technology Development.


We have a detailed technical understanding and practical operational experience of various process technologies including reciprocating gas engine generator sets, gas turbines, Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers, package boilers, waste heat recovery systems, enclosed flare stacks,Gasification of biomass  and Torrefaction.

We can design and deploy such technologies to enable our clients to generate clean energy, improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon liabilities.

Project development information

Our History


Capability and Experience

8th October 2013

HEL secures a contract for project development support for a strategic biomass power plant in Wales.

6th October 2013
HEL are working on the development of a Torrefaction plant in the UK with a number of major investors.